Music: DaBaby – TLC Feat. Gunna

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    Music: DaBaby – TLC Feat. Gunna

    At this point, it’s hard to write about a Deluxe Edition without getting critical about the practice, but such is the new normal — at least, for now.

    Clearly, previously claimed that Blame It On Baby’s Deluxe Edition was closer to a new album than a traditional deluxe, the songs do still feel cut from the same cloth as its predecessor. For those who appreciate Baby’s sound, that’s far from a negative. He does what he does quite effectively, bodying vibey instrumentals with a commanding presence and widespread commercial appeal.

    The Gunna-assisted “TLC” finds him doing exactly that, taking to some production from and DJ K.i.D and finding some momentum early on. For all the flak he takes for his flow, it’s clear he’s extremely comfortable over a beat, tailoring his approach to effectively suit the vibe. He wastes little time in setting it off here, dedicating his verse to a former love and attempting to pick at old wounds. “I know you probably let him fuck, I fuck you better,” he boasts. “I know you miss a ni**a face on your FaceTime, never stay the same, I always turn it up a level.”

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