Nigeria hip-pop industry has been re-ignited with the recent lyrical battle going on between Vector and MI Abaga. After the Martell Cypher 2, Vector picked an offence as MI Abaga threw shades on ’s brand Hennessey. released ‘Tetracycling’ where he dissed MI Abaga for calling out Hennessy.
This got MI Abaga pissed off and prompted his “The Viper” reply to . He highlighted how the viper bit the YSG his former label and how he has failed to help anyone in the industry. He advised him to sign with Chocolate city and get 20 million naira to push his career.

After several days, Vector came back to claim the lead with his single titled “Judas the Rat”. He cautioned MI Abaga to start his kind gestures at home with Jesse Jagz. He equally accused him of being a hypocrite preaching against what he’s guilty off.

This gave room for fans to access the musical prowess of these rappers and taking sides with whom they believe is the best rapper. Despite the fact MI Abaga seems to have the numbers in his favour, is definitely a better rapper.

Here are 10 solid reasons why is better than MI Abaga

1. Punchlines
As we have seen in the ‘The Viper’ and ‘Judas the Rat’, MI Abaga lacks punchlines in his lyrics. His verse was more like poetry with the amazing rhymes and rhythm but little or no punches. ’s “Judas the Rat” was filled with as much punch line as possible. Though rap is a better version of poetry, it is not poetry else rappers would have been called poets and not rappers.

2. Lyrics
Vector is a better lyricist than MI Abaga. Do I really need to explain this? The Viper even does commercial rap single with A-rated lyrics. The way he plays with words, respects the rule of rap music and still sticks to his songs concept is what the Chairman hasn’t be able to do.

3. Twists
The Chairman could have been a better poet than a rapper. His twists in raps lines are so direct and unprofessional. The Viper keeps the game lit and renders twists that are phenomenal.

4. Message
As said earlier, Vector sticks to the concept of his songs. Imagine how he dissed MI Abaga in his 4 minutes single (“Judas the Rat”) and yet never deviated from the topic no repeated any line, that’s epic.

5. Commercial Rap
King Kong is still one of the best commercial rap singles in Nigeria. Despite the fact MI Abaga for obvious reasons has more commercial songs than Vector, Vector is still a better commercial rapper.

6. Word Plays
Hey I have nothing to say here. The Chairman stands no chance on this one, his rap lines are so straight forward like a prose. Whereas, the viper tells a story in words that only the wise can decode. He wraps up his rap lines in wraps for his wise fans to decode and enjoy the sarcasm, idiom or proverbs embedded therein.

7. Freestyle
Jesse Jagz is obviously the best freestyle rapper in Nigeria. If there is a list for best freestyle rappers in Nigeria, Vector will definitely own a spot after Jesse Jagz and like six steps ahead of MI Abaga.

8. Speed
There is no need explaining this. Everyone knows Vector is faster rapper than MI Abaga. Do we have doubters? No! Next…

9. For Fun
MI Abaga raps to make money, Vector raps for the fun of it. He enjoys his craft and thus gets better at it. Vector only wounded MI Abaga just by messing around in ‘Tetracycling’

10. Talented
MI Abaga is talented no doubt. He is definitely the chairman and maybe the most successful rapper in Nigeria but not the most talented. Vector is obviously more talented than him.

What do you think? Do you agree with these 10 solid reasons? Drop comments below.