Davido reveals the Nigerian Artists who he saw as mentors

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    Davido reveals the Nigerian Artists who he saw as mentors

    OBO Davido uncovered the Nigerian artists that he saw as mentors and helped in shaping his perspective about the music industry and fame.

    A few days ago Davido spoke to the Museum as a guest in a new series they ran.

    “The Mentorship Monday sessions have provided an opportunity for students to connect with established music industry professionals and creatives, and served as a valuable tool for information, advice, and exploration within a wide variety of music careers and topics as they pursue their own careers,” they wrote on their website.

    The artist, who’s been on a social media hiatus and working on his new album, quickly drew viewers to the IG Live session, counting over twenty thousand.

    The Singer spoke of his beginnings and how hard he worked his way to the top, the artist gave useful advice for performers looking to do the same.

    Notably, he mentioned the superstar duo of and as his first mentors in the game. He said seeing the picture of them with and was really inspiring and made him proud.

    He also mentioned his father as an inspiration to him, adding that the experiences he had along his journey as a musician have helped shaped him.


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