Ex-BBNaija Star Uriel Reveals She Gets Approached By Lesbians A Lot

Uriel Oputa,Ex Big Brother Naija Season 3 star has shared that her beauty has only not attracted men but also women, having been overtaken by lesbians “many of time”.

The 32-year old who first gained popularity as a contestant at the 2016 Top Actor Africa disclosed in an exclusive interview that she doesn’t have anything against anyone into Homosexuality,saying” How you want to live your life is how you want to live your life,but that’s not what i do.

Narrating an experience,the hair extension and wig enthusiast said;

“I’ve had somebody approach me, she just wanted to be friendly with me. You know how you meet a friend at a salon and so on….and the phone conversation turned from her looking for a house and all sort of things to i like your hips.”

Uriel continued that “Immediately i heard that,everything just made sense to me and i obviously started avoiding her. It was a bit akward but i had to let her know that i don’t do that sort of thing.”

“I am single and searching. I am very Single; I have turned down many suitors because i can smell somebody that just wants to use you sexually or someone that’s not just serious. I cansmell that from a mile away.”

While she maintains a straight status,Uriel,who is single and searching for her prince charming,revealed that she has been approached by a lot of guys.

Moving forward she said,”For me right now,I’m single and i do hope that i meet somebody.I’ve said this before that i’ve dated up and coming guys and the last one i dated last five years,but he ended up cheating and getting married to someone else after i stayed with him for five year.

“But for me,if you ask me what i look for in a man,i don’t think i want to date an up and coming man. i’m not saying i want to date somebody rich but i want to date somebody that is doing something with their life.

“My ideal type of man is Anthony Joshua-tall,athletic,nice body you have to be smart and business-minded. If you are not business-minded we can’t roll because i am very business-minded and i can’t be with anybody who is clueless. You have to be a go-getter for me to even be around you.”

Uriel also opened up on her ordeal with body-shaming, especially from people on social media.

She said “i have lost a lot of weight; when i was a lot bigger,i used to get body shamed and now that i’m losing weight people are telling me not to lose too much weight.”

But the star has devised a means of blocking out internet bullies when it comes to body shaming.

She also revealed that she has never contemplated going for surgeries and has nothing against people that do plastic surgery.

She further said asides working on her e-cook book titled ‘The Modern African Woman’,she had other projects underway,which she would disclose in due time.