Kanye West Urinates on One of his Grammy Awards, See Why

has been in the news lately for various reasons. Today he attracts a new act sharing a video of him urinating on his Grammy award.

has had Twitter ablaze for the past three days, demanding apologies from J. Cole and Drake, publicly challenging his labels to release him from his contracts, an then leaking those confidential contracts.

He gave fans plenty to talk about, with over 100 tweets in the span of a single hour.

By now, fans are used to Kanye’s public spats and tendency to fly off the handle with no filter but Ye’s latest stunt was shocking even by Kanye standards.

Early Wednesday afternoon, after likely breaching several NDAs and posting his record contracts on Twitter, West took it a step further by posting a video of himself peeing on one of his twenty-one Grammys.

Check out the video below:

See other things he did;