A Man has become an internet meme after photos showing his head stuck in a bin emerged on social media.


The unfortunate man got his head stuck in a bin while “looking for something” inside.

The funny incident happened in Glasgow in Scotland on Saturday when a passerby spotted the bizarre scene.



He was heading towards the James Tassie pub in Shawlands, in the south of the city, when he saw the man with his head trapped in the bin.

The victim of the bin incident was apparently ‘looking for something inside’


In a thick Glaswegian accent he said:

“Mate! Mate! You alright my man? You get your head stuck in the bin?”

Embarrassed, the man in the bin tried to cover his face with a paper bag and mumbled how he was “looking for something”.

The man filming him responded: “Are you sure?

Laughing he said: “He’s got his head stuck in the f***ing bin!

It was later reported that the stuck man later freed his head from the bin.

He’s not the first Scot to have his head trapped in a bin.

Source: The Sun UK