A die-hard fan of American Hip Pop legend Michael Jackson has experienced plastic surgery to look exactly like him.

the 22 years old fan identified as Leo Blanco who comes to Buenos Aires, Argentina reportedly spent US$30,000 on plastic surgery to look exactly like the idol of Michael Jackson.

according to Leo, he became obsessed with Michael Jackson at the age of 15 and decided to be like him after watching thrillers of him.

from reports, Leo has undergone 11 surgeries in the past 7 years, 4 surgeries on his nose, and other cosmetic procedures included cheekbones, chin, and chin and still have plans to do whatever it takes to look exactly like the legend.

though his family was uneasy about his change, Leo’s plastic effect has been very impressed with the evidence as a large number of fans follow him on the streets and shows.

reports also indicates that Leo’s mother has shown her concern on his son’s appearance and said; Is this Leo? Is this my son?

Check out his photos below;