‘Poor’ Nollywood Actors Who Cried For Help But Still Died; It Was National Mourning The Day Number 2 Died

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    Here’re ‘poor’ Nollywood Actors Who Cried For Help But Still Died


    It is no news that Nigerian actors and actresses have been falling ill and dying in recent times.

    Many Nollywood actors we see on screen may not be as rich as we think. Because most of their role is a ‘Big man’ depict on screen does not imply that they are financially buoyant in the real-life and that is why most of them seek for external help whenever they are plagued with an illness that is bigger than their pocket.

    Meanwhile, some Nollywood actors lived a reckless life without thinking of saving for the ‘unexpected’. So this makes the actors in this category gets little or no pity whenever they need assistance from their colleagues and the public.

    And also, some are too proud to let their situation known, so when their poor situation is finally revealed to the public a time it becomes too late to save their lives.


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