R Kelly ‘Feared He Would Be Attacked’ Before Inmate Jumped Him In His Cell

reportedly suggested concerns for his protection in prison before a fellow inmate attacked him in his cell last week.

According to TMZ, ’s legal team claim that guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago ‘ignored his concerns of being in danger’ before he was attacked.

The singer’s attorneys, Steven Greenberg and Nicole Blank Becker, told the site that the animosity against him is largely due to some of the prison guards telling inmates the reason they had to go on lockdown was due to protests outside of the jail for .

They claim that it is ‘strange for guards to declare this to the inmates and that caused the other prisoners to have an issue with . It was also claimed that overheard his alleged attacker outside his cell three weeks before the incident, speaking on a phone and saying things which indicated he may attack him, which flagged to a guard.

, 53, also allegedly told a doctor that he wished the guards would stop telling everyone that he was the reason for lockdown, as well as telling two other guards he was worried for his safety, which his legal team say was not taken seriously.

The incident took place last week when a prisoner reportedly walked into R Kelly’s cell and started kicking him.

R Kelly is also facing accusations of sexual exploitation of children and has pleaded not guilty to several charges in the states of Illinois, New York and Minnesota