Top 10 Hottest But Shortest Celebrities In Nigeria Apart From Aki & Pawpaw.You Never Knew. I know some of you will be like, “what of Aki and Pawpaw, why are they not on the list?”lol all of us knows about their shortness.


On this list we are talking about shortest celebrities you probably never knew were short, maybe due to cuteness, richness or popularity. And some of you will also be like, “Na money be fine bobo,who tall Epp”lol. Here list of the shortest celebrities in Nigeria.


1. M I


Here come that short black boy from a city call J and his name is MI the Mr Incredible! The chocolate city rapper might not be rich in inches but he’s definitely rich in talent and his bank account tall pass me and you sef hahaha. Tho lately, I heard he is still young enough to grow again . Well, let’s join our faith with his and see if miracle will happen.. lol


2. Davido


Davido (omo baba lowo) is also on the list oo. Well, i’m not gonna talk much about his height before his fans here chew me raw..hahaha. No doubt, he’s young, rich and handsome, but also a short man! Yes, Davido is a short man and we doubt if he’d still be adding more inches to his height. Okay Bye. Click next