Vector and MI Abaga settles long term beef

and have conclusively put their differences aside and resolved their beef.

This development came about courtesy of the Popular Luxury brand, Hennessey which put together a project called Henessy Artistry: The Conversation.

The Mini Docu-series had three episodes of both artists and Music experts talking about Hip-Hop culture in Nigeria.

In the last episode saw M.I Abaga and watch clips of the other person sharing how they felt about themselves.

In the final scene, the two sit down to talk and settle their differences as they toast to future collaborations.

Between August and September 2019, the two rappers finally acted on their decade-old music-based squabble with a full-on five-track beef.

The last track between them was ‘Judas The Rat’ by . AQ also released, ‘Distractions 2’ as part of the conversation.

Watch their conversations below;