5 Convenient and High Paying Jobs for International Students

Convenient and High Paying Jobs for International Students

The world as we know it today is changing; it allows students the opportunity to work, learn and earn some cash.

If the regular 9m-5pm, absolutely doesn’t cut it for you, you should be looking in this direction as today, we’ll reveal some convenient yet high paying jobs for .

They include:

  1. Editorial analyst
  2. Voice actor
  3. Food critic
  4. Telephone interviewer
  5. Professional cuddler

Let’s find out what you’ll need to do should you choose any of the aforementioned.

1. Editorial Analyst

If you’re a NetFlix lover, then you’ll definitely find this delightful. This is because you get paid simply for watching original Netflix productions for about 20 hours a week. Subsequently, you’ll tag, annotate and analyse movies and TV program. You can do this in the comfort of your room or on the go. Basically, you don’t suffer any restrictions.

2. Voice Actor

As a voice actor, your voice is the tool that brings a script to live. You could voice documentaries, commercials, podcasts, ebooks, films, video games, animations, etc. The good thing about this is that you can have multiple gigs daily thus having multiple streams of income.

3. Food Critic

This is one of the most convenient yet high paying jobs because you get to turn your passion into a career. Imagine being paid just to taste different chef dishes at renown restaurants and sharing your opinion. It’s like eating your cake and having it so enjoy!

4. Telephone Interviewer

Being a good conversationalist with great communication, interpersonal and soft skills make you suitable for this position. In simple terms, your description includes collecting data by surveying people over the phone. Using a script, your is to get respondents to participate in the research appropriately. It’s a good way to connect to diverse audiences.

5. Professional cuddler

This is also one of the most convenient yet high paying jobs can take up. As a touch therapist or snuggler, you’re an empath who provides warmth by intimately snuggling and cuddling with clients of all ages, races and orientations. You’ll talk to, hold hands with and provide emotional support for clients through hugs.

This is an interesting list, isn’t it? These are pretty easy ways to make some extra bucks while in school so give it your best shot and have fun.



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