Follow These Guidelines When You Are Using Public Toilets
In the greater part of the open toilets the nation over cleanliness condition is extremely poor. We generally attempt to evade them yet in some outrageous conditions it is beyond the realm of imagination. Try not to stress you can utilize them simply pursue some security rules

  • Open door of public toilet with back of your hand

With this you can keep away from microscopic organisms contacting your palm and fingers. You ought to dependably deal with palm and fingers as microscopic organisms can straightforwardly enter your mouth, nose from fingers.

Or on the other hand you on the off chance that you have tissue paper, you can utilize it top open entryway. Try not to contact your finger legitimately with entryway handle


  • Use tissue paper to flush

Continuously over your hands with tissue paper while utilizing flush. This territory is brimming with microscopic organisms so be cautious. Additionally if flush is down, use foot rather than hand.

  • Wash your hand right away

It ought to be normal practice for you to wash hands each time you visit open latrine or interact with wherever that can have microbes. Wash your hand with cleanser/handwash appropriately