Do You Know You Can Be One Of The 1.3 Million Immigrants Entering Canada Today?

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    A 72 years old man in Osogbo Osun State was caught having s 3 *x with two primary school children in his room.

    According to an eye witness, these two children and others has been visiting this old man constantly for months and people in the neighbourhood think maybe they are his relatives or grand children.

    Their visit became suspicious because during school hours when these children are supposed to be in school, they sneak out just to visit this man who always keep them inside locked doors all the time.

    Luck ran out of the old man when a neighbor started hearing mourning from inside the room. The neighbor walked to the window of the room to check what is going on. To neighbor’s surprise, this old man is performing a threesome with these young girls.

    The neighbor whose name is withheld raised an alarm that called the attention of the people around and in no time, the door was opened by force.

    After a little interrogation, the old man confessed that he have more than 10 children who always come to visit him and he always have sex with them.

    The police took over the and drive the man to their station.

    Please parents, let’s be careful and sensitive toward our children. Please dear neighbors, when you notice any suspicious act, make sure you report to the nearest Police station or call the attention of people.


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    Do You Know You Can Be One Of The 1.3 Million Immigrants Entering Canada Today?

    Do You Know You Can Be One Of The 1.3 Million Immigrants Entering Canada Today?

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced the first multi-year immigration levels in 2017 and kicked off admissions targets for 2018-2020 for Canada’s economic, family, expatriate, and charitable immigration programs. This set up was later replaced in 2018 with IRCC’s immigration levels targets for 2019-2021.

    The mainstream of projected economic admissions would be allotted through the federal Express Entry system programs:

    The Federal trained/Skilled worker (FSW) Program

    The Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC); and

    The Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

    Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in Canada is equally expected to play a very delicate and important role with regards to economic immigration. This program permits collaborating Canadian provinces and territories to put forward eligible immigration candidates who have the necessary skill and labour force adaptability necessary to obtain a permanent residency.

    Below, are the immigration programs enclosed in Canada’s Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan:

    Economic Programs

    Federal Trained/Skilled worker (FSW) Program:

    The Express Entry program for Skilled Workers is mainly for immigrants who have the basic requirements such as education, work Experience, adeptness/proficiency in English and/or French and different skills required to establish themselves economically in Canada.

    Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC):

    Federal Skilled Trades Class in the Express Entry category is for foreign employees with qualifications in a skilled trade.

    Canadian Experience Class (CEC):

    This is a category of the Express Entry system for those who have little experience about Canada workforce. It welcomes expressions of interest from foreigners with Canadian Work Experience or students who just graduated from a Canadian academic establishment, school or institute operating in Canada.

    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP):

    This program is specifically for skilled Foreigners or graduates those who reside in the Atlantic region in Canada. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) permits selected Atlantic employers to recruit and rent foreigners who have the right skill or international graduates within the Canadian region (Newfoundland and geographic region, Prince Island, star Scotia, and New Brunswick).

    Caregivers Program:

    This program grants foreigners who render care to kids and, people and those with high medical needs the chance to apply for a Canadian permanent residence.

    Federal Business (Start-Up Program and Self Employed Persons):

    This type of program allows foreigners with the right business idea, finance, and other eligibility criteria or necessities the prospect to run new or pre-existing businesses in any of the Canadian Provinces.

    Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

    This program permits collaborating provinces and territories to nominate eligible economic immigration candidates for Canadian permanent residence.

    Quebec Trained/Skilled worker Program and Quebec Business:

    Quebec is one of the biggest provinces in Canada and it runs its own immigration system distinctly from the federal system. The Govt of Quebec has planned levels for 2019 to 2021 but are nonetheless yet to be determined.

    Family Class Programs

    Spousal/Common-law Partner support and Dependent kid

    Parent and Grandparents Program (Super-)

    Refugees and guarded Persons, Humanitarian etc

    Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad

    Privately-Sponsored Refugees

    Blended office Referred

    Government-Assisted Refugees


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