Workplace Dress Code: 5 Outfits International Students Shouldn’t Wear

Outfits International Students Shouldn’t Wear

A lot can be said about a person by the way s/he looks. Little wonder people are addressed in certain ways because of the way they dress.

As you look forward to landing your dream job, it is all too important that you observe the appropriate workplace dress code. Today we want to take a quick look at inappropriate workplace outfits.

They include:

  • Tight or revealing clothes
  • Dirty or wrinkled outfits
  • Overly casual outfits
  • Inappropriate outfits
  • Very strong fragrances

Now let’s find out why shouldn’t wear these to work.

1. Tight or revealing clothes

It is important to note that it’s a work environment, not a social event, therefore, tight or revealing clothing is inappropriate. Wearing a shirt that is overly short or an extremely tight dress is not being fashionable, it’s being extreme and distracting. Your colleagues shouldn’t feel uncomfortable because of your appearance, be professional.

2. Dirty or wrinkled outfits

The work environment is professional, don’t show up in a dirty or wrinkled outfit. It’s disrespectful, inappropriate and gives the impression that you are incapable of taking responsibility. Plan ahead of each day what you’d like to wear to avoid running late and looking like you stepped out of a dump stand.

3. Overly casual outfits

In a corporate environment, putting on overly casual outfits may not fly as appropriate workplace dress code. So, if you prefer to go business casual, be sure it’s suitable for your job and the organization you’re working with.

4. Inappropriate outfits

Outfits such as flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts, t-shirts with offensive writings/inscriptions, outfits for the club/gym, etc are inappropriate. Showing up in any of such is a sign of unseriousness and nonchalance which could cost you your job if maintained.

5. Very strong fragrances

It is always always better to smell good than to smell offensive. However, the rule of thumb here is to stick with soft or mild fragrances rather than very strong ones. Take into cognizance the fact that some people are sensitive to strong fragrances and would, therefore, be discomfited. Be considerate.

The bottom line when it comes to dressing up for the workplace is not to call attention to what you’re wearing. You were hired to produce results so endeavour to stay on track with that while observing the appropriate workplace dress code.



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