Kanye West To Roddy Ricch: “It’s All Aligning”

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    Roddy Ricch shows Kanye told him to get married following the release of “DONDA”..

    Take note, when Jesus Is King dropped, one of the biggest takeaways from the recording sessions was that Kanye instructed everyone who wasn’t married to not engage in premarital sex. It was surely easy for him to say since he was married to Kim Kardashian at the time. However, with a pending divorce, and an apparent fling with Irina Shayk, perhaps those rules didn’t apply for the DONDA sessions. Still, Kanye’s managed to find a way to preach about the blessings of marriage.

    Roddy Ricch shows Kanye told him to get married

    Following his appearance on “Pure Souls,” Roddy Ricch revealed a few messages that he received from Kanye West. “It’s all aligning,” one message reads from Kanye before Roddy offered his congratulations. Though this is Kanye’s album, it seems that he’s taking DONDA‘s success as a team initiative. “We did it family,” ‘Ye replied. “This is just the beginning.”

    It’s unclear what Kanye’s referring to when he said ‘the beginning’ but that was apparently not the only odd message Roddy received from ‘Ye. The “Late At Night” artist revealed that Kanye has apparently encouraged him to settle down. “ye said I need a wife so I can build my kingdom,” Roddy tweeted.

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recreated their wedding at Chicago’s DONDA listening party on Thursday. Since then, it was reported that the couple have been privately working on their relationship. However, Kanye’s apparently been telling his friends in hip-hop circles that they’re back together, though sources close to Kim have said this isn’t true.


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