13 Main myths about the Chinese coronavirus

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    Hand dryers are not able to destroy an insidious disease, as well as UHF lamps. The World Organization has denied the main myths about .

    1. Hand dryers destroy the virus. On their own, they are unable to do this. For maximum effect, wash your hands thoroughly with water, and then wipe with a dry towel, you can use a paper towel.

    2. UHF lamps sterilize the skin. Ultraviolet lamps do not sterilize the skin, but can cause skin irritation. And with prolonged exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, the risk of skin cancer increases.

    3. Garlic protects from the virus. It is a healthy food with antimicrobial effects. But there is no evidence that garlic in any way protects against the , other than ridiculous rumors on the Internet.

    4. Sesame oil protects the body from the penetration of the virus. This oil is intended for culinary use. On this, his benefit to man is exhausted.

    5. The application of alcohol or bleach to the body protects against infection. If the virus has already made its way into your body, you can spray yourself with at least DDT, this will not give the slightest effect. All kinds of disinfectants like bleach should not be applied to the body, but to all kinds of surfaces like floors or furniture. When applied to the skin, you risk damaging it.

    6. Electronic thermometers identify infected. They record only a rise in temperature. The virus has an incubation period of two weeks, during which the temperature is normal.

    7. Parcels from China are infected with a virus. Nonsense! WHO has proven that on surfaces like cardboard boxes the virus can survive no more than two hours. Parcels from China go a little longer.

    8. Pets are also sick. WHO does not have a single confirmed of infection in domestic animals.

    9. The pneumonia vaccine will protect you from the virus. Vaccines from are still under development. Most likely, they will not have time to release them until the end of the epidemic.

    10. Salt spray for the nose will protect against infection. Even if you rinse your nose with this solution every 10 minutes, you can still get infected.

    11. For protection, mouthwashes are needed. Some microbes in the oral cavity can indeed be exterminated by these means. But – no!

    12. The virus only affects older people. The youngest patient today was 30 hours at the time of infection; young people can also pick up . In older people with chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes or heart ailments, the virus is more severe.

    13. can be treated with antibiotics. This is a virus, and antibiotics are designed to fight bacteria. Writes about this The daily mail. ()

    Source: medikforum.ru


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