Simple Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Nails In Nigeria

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    My nails were very , brittle, and I had the weakest nail plate ever. I covered this up by sporting nail extensions/acrylic manicures, but I always found them a little uncomfortable.

    Our fingernails condition can tell a lot about us. So, better keep them neglected. But how to do it? We will tell you about this in this short article:
    How to trim nails
    The more practical way is to have your nails trimmed short. When they are short it is unlikely that you break or bend them. To have a good trimming experience:
    • Never use sharp objects. Use only real nail clippers or nail scissors
    • Trim wet nails (after you wash hands or after the shower)
    • Take a few small clips around the edge, not with a big chomp. Follow the nail shape in a gentle curve
    • Sand the sharp edges with a nail file
    • Toenails better to trim with a special toenails trimmer
    • Trim toenails straight across to avoid the ingrown toenails
    What to do with the skin around your nails?
    Cut all the hangnails — they are made of dead skin. As for the cuticles, dermatologists don’t advice to cut them. Cuticles seal your skin to the nails to keep out dirt and germs. Yet, you can cut them:
    •  Wash your hands
    • Always moisturize your skin and nails before you trim and cut them
    • Don’t cut the cuticles. Just soften the skin and push it back with a q-tip or anything else which is handy and clean.
    What’s for the manicure?
    Nail polish is not bad for your nails. Yet, there are a few tips you should know:
    • Don’t make the manicure more than twice per month. The nail polish remover is hard on the nails, as the American Academy of Dermatology states
    • Rub lotion on your nails to moisturize them after you remove the nail polish
    • If you use red or orange nail polishes you discolor your nails. To prevent this use a base coat. If your nails are already yellow, don’t use the nail polish for a few weeks
    • Gel manicures can damage your nails. Besides, the remover is acetone which is really bad. To cure they use a UV lamp which is bad both for your nails and skin.


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