Plies – The Real Testament II Mixtape

Plies Speaks Holy Truths On "The Real Testament II"

Plies Speaks Holy Truths On “The Real Testament II”

Years removed from his 2007 debut album The Real Testament, Plies has decided to take a nostalgic voyage back to a simpler time. Now, however, he’s older and wiser. The game he’s picked up in those lesson-filled years has proven invaluable. Take one simple look at his Instagram for validation; this man has been a guiding light for aspiring young macks and hustlers, a preacher to those in need of a strong friend. In honor of the road thus traveled, Plies has bestowed The Real Testament II upon his congregation.

Clocking in at a respectable seventeen tracks, with lone features from Jackboy and YK Osiris, the old-school flavored tape finds Plies in fine form. Fans of southern hip-hop should find plenty to love here, especially given Plies’ contribution to the culture. While it’s unlikely this one will lead to any new converts, it’s always nice to see a hip-hop vet continue to put in work, right down to its grassroots method of release.

01. Plies – Hot Wire [Prod. By TNTXD] (2:48 )

02. Plies – Yea Yea [Prod. By YungLan] (2:55 )

03. Plies – I Want Money [Prod. By TNTXD, Jetson & 1stClass] (3:11 )

04. Plies – Christian Lou Lou (Feat. Jack Boy) [Prod. By HajSlid] (3:21 )

05. Plies – Just Keep It Real [Prod. By TNTXD & Bankhead] (3:23 )

06. Plies – Don’t Ask (Feat. Yk Osiris) (4:16 )

07. Plies – Flaggin [Prod. By Cheezebeatz] (2:21 )

08. Plies – Everybody Ain’t Ya Friend [Prod. By TNTXD & DMac (3:45 )

09. Plies – Mop [Prod. By TNTXD] (2:28 )

10. Plies – Don’t Fold (2:35 )

11. Plies – PLT [Prod. By Dreek Beatz] (2:22 )

12. Plies – Bread [Prod. By TNTXD & Trapman 23] (3:40 )

13. Plies – Heart [Prod. By Dreek Beatz] (2:51 )

14. Plies – Lately [Prod. By TNTXD & SpeakerBangerz] (3:15 )

15. Plies – Wrong Or Right [Prod. By TNTXD, Tago & Malik] (3:11 )

16. Plies – Broke [Prod. By TNTXD & Tago] (3:09 )

17. Plies – I’m A Legend [Prod. By Dreek Beatz & G9] (3:36 )

Check out The Real Testament II right here, right now.

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