Here’re 10 Awkward Things Married Women Do That Destroy Their Marriage – Number 6 Is The Reason Many Women Are Divorced

We all know that men sometimes can be very overbearing and sometimes responsible for some actions their wives take but nevertheless,women must understand that marriage is a great,decent and sacred institution that must be treated with utmost respect and guided with all sense of decency.

To be frank,there are some silly things some married ladies do that do not show any form of respect to them,their men and their marriage.
These are things that need to be avoided by the lady irrespective of whatever excuse they may have.

I have had many friends who have been married and some are divorced and after discussing with them,i have come to realize that some of these women were infact the architect of their failed marriages and i will try to elucidate on some of the awkward things ladies do that break up their marriages.CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE


  • Poor communication:

In every relationship we find ourselves,communication is vital. No one is a mind reader and no matter what it may be that could be a reason for your unhappiness,speak out immediately in a stern manner and not laikadaisically.
Many women are found of calling their hubby’s relatives to complain about certain issues meanwhile the hubby at home does not have an idea of how hurting they are concerning that issue.

  • Sharing their marital issue with a male admirer/friend.

Not every guy you know is responsible. We have some low lives that has no regard for any form of decency and it is no news that many guys are in this category.
When you discuss your marital issues with an admirer or a male friend,most times what these guys hear is “im vulnurable,i need you as a succor”. This is why most times,when a married woman take solace in a male friend,the end result is usually an illicit affair.

  • Being careless with male friends.

I have always maintained that there is nothing like just friends between a married woman and another man.
If he is not your childhood friend,co-worker,co-student,business partner then you have no business with him.
Many married ladies have a careless habit of keeping male friends indiscriminately and worst still get so careless allowing these guys call them by their maiden names.
I will never call a married lady by her maiden name because just as the name suggests,its her unmarried name but will rather put Mrs,sis,madam.

When a married lady is called by her maiden name,it diminishes as well as tarnishes her respect,image and matrimony giving room for a potential unethical relationship between her and the “just male friends”.