10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Married To A Single Mother; All Bachelors SHould Take Good Note Of Number 6


It’s so sad that men in Africa, especially Nigeria overlook dating or getting married to single mothers. I once heard a man say “single mothers” are burdens. This is a Grand misconception.

Reasons why singles mothers may be better wives than a single lady:

1. She is more mature: Having a child forces a woman to grow faster & assume more responsibilities. She tends to have her priorities straight.

2. She knows what to do with money: A Lady with no child tends to spend her money on clubs,drinks,hair,skincare. A single mother is more financially prudent with money.

3. She has a bigger vision: A lot of single ladies don’t know what they want in life yet, they haven’t figured out their Self Actualized state but single mothers have a plan that can fit 5 people.

4. She knows what kind of man she wants: Because she already has a running family unit on her own. She knows the perfect fit for a husband. A lot of single ladies don’t know the type of man they want. All their sure of is that the man must have money…..click 2 below to continue reading…