5 Most Arrogant/Rude Nigerian Celebrities; Number 5 Looks Simple But She’s Very Dangerous

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    I got this on my sweetheart’s blog, Silverdam’s blog:

    You all know yesterday that the 5 most humble celebrities was revealed and we have the likes of
    Tuface, , Genevieve Nnaji, and on the list as most humble ones…

    Well, here is my own 5 most arrogant and rude Nigerian celebrities.


    1. Rukky Sanda

    *Sigh* You still remember her tight leggings that was showing her crotch abi, well Rukayat Akinsanya popularly known as Rukky Sanda is very rude and arrogant, nobody can take her away from this list with those curses on her fans who criticizes nollywood films. Why would a celeb call her fans “F*ck dumb ass”? Has she forgotten that it is we the fans that puts money into her account… So Razz!


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