Here are 16 Funny Nigerian Nicknames for Cars in Nigerian (With Photos)

It is not news that cars in Nigeria are nicknamed. Every day a new name is born. The brands with he most common nicknames are the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Over the years as new models are designed so are their nicknames. As long as new cars are made, the car nickname discussion continues.

Here are funny Nigerian nicknames for cars in Nigeria


16. Toyota Camry 1995 – Orobo


The Toyota Camry 1995 came to be in the Camry V40 series which appeared in July 1994. This Camry model was different in the eyes of the consumers. Previous models featured a slim build and a hard top. The V40 was unusual in the sense that the 1995 Toyota Camry was bigger than its predecessors. The increase in model size is what inspired the name given to it by Nigerians, ‘orobo’ which is Yoruba language for ‘fat’ next below to continue…