Top Ten States In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls

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    Nigeria is arguably endowed with the most beautiful chicks in Africa. Within Nigeria itself, there are awesomely beautiful damsels.

    But some states can pride to have them in higher concentration than others.

    Now, Let’s hit the market with my well-researched list.
    1. IMO

    Arguably this state possesses the prettiest damsels in the country. Well-endowed in all ramifications.

    Little wonder the state has the highest number of Peagents and Models in Nigeria. IMSU alone houses 60% of these beauties.

    2. LAGOS

    Lagos per-say boasts of awesome and classy beauties owing to its cosmopolitan nature.

    The state is a confluence of most beautiful girls from different background and entities. A visit to Akoka will attest.


    Calabar girls are not only beautiful but “bediful”. The concentration of naturally beautiful girls in C/River pays advantage to The serene and ambient nature of the state.

    4. ENUGU

    The state of the ‘desperate chicks’ will wow you with its array of beauties.

    You can never walk 5m in Enugu without having to turn to admire an Enugu gal walking on the other side of the road. Night life here is very much alive.

    5. DELTA

    The city of Warri wasn’t taken into recognition when Delta is mentioned.

    However, the concentration of sweet apples in Asaba, agbor and Auchi alone is strong enough to place Delta on the list.

    6. RIVERS

    The black beauties of Kalabari and the excesses from IMO State gives Rivers a capable mention.

    Mind you, aside Lagos and Abuja, PH prides the most expensive and classy chicks. Don’t approach a UNIPORT babe without your car keys.

    7. ANAMBRA

    Anambra Chicks my not be as classy as their Imo neighbours. But they pride an array of natural beauties.

    They are wife materials any day. UNIZIK guys can testify.

    8. OGUN

    Ogun gals are the most beautiful when it comes to core Yoruba chicks. They are an all-in-one package of beauty and brains.

    9. KANO

    Having the highest concentration of beautiful Fulani girls. Kano state possesses pretty girls beyond the veils.

    10. EDO

    Like C/River, Edo girls are amicably beautiful both in theory and practice.

    If you visit Benin and cone back empty-handed, then you are blind and sterile at once.

    Which Of The State On This List Has The Most Beautiful Girl?
    Which State With Beautiful Girl Do You Think We Didn’t Include In This List?

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