Very Important Questions To Ask Your Partner While Dating

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    Here Are The Important Questions To Ask Your Partner While Dating

    The dating stage is more than just hanging out in fancy restaurants and giggling like lovestruck teenagers while holding hands. It’s your opportunity to truly get to know each other.

    You want to know if this person meets your standards. You also want to find out the things he cares about, and you cannot have that information unless you ask some crucial dating questions. Here are some good examples to get you started.


    1. What do you like about me?


    You probably know why you’re attracted to him, but do you know what he finds attractive about you? Revealing what you like about each other gives you an idea of the expectations you have. For instance, if he says he likes you because you’re quick-witted, you know that’s a quality he appreciates. It also helps you know if he likes something superficial and helps you measure how much depth he has.


    2. What was your most memorable experience growing up?


    This is another one of the good questions to ask. The childhood memories that often stick out to us say a lot about what influenced us growing up. This question encourages him to open up to you as you explore his response.



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