Good day, In this post am going to unleashes to you solution on how you can Split screen on Huawei 9S & 9e

Split screen view or multi-window mode feature is helpful to use two apps at the same time in your Huawei Enjoy 9S & 9e.


Advantage of Split Screen

You can watch YouTube video and chat with your friends WhatsApp at the same time. Did you found split screen mode option in your Enjoy 9S Let see how to enable and use a Split screen on Enjoy 9S?
In most of all devices press the recent apps button and hold the app want to use multi-window mode.

Have you tried this method in your Huawei Enjoy 9S? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use split screen on
Enjoy 9S using buttons settings.



  • To make use this feature tap on the recent apps button,
  • Where you will get to see the list of apps running in the background.
  • On the top each app, there will be options to split, lock and dismiss.
  • Tap on the first option so that it automatically divides the display and load the app in the first half.