Step mother disfigures the face of her step son with hot electric iron in Lagos.

A boy identified as Ezekiel Kuti lives with his father and step mother at Owode onirin opposite old Barack in Lagos. Ezekiel’s face was burnt badly by his step mother using a hot electric iron.

A twitter user @Opomulero_007 took to his page to reveal how Ezekiel was maltreated by his step mother. He share pictures of his face and a short video recounting how the incident occurred.

According to the boy, the incident happened on the 5th of June when he spilled a gallon of groundnut oil. He tried scooping it and decided to use water to fill it back up, in fear of being purnished.

His step mother noticed this and got upset with him. In the presence of his father, his step mother used a hot electric iron to burn him on his face. When asked if he was taken to the hospital, he said he was not, he was the one treating himself.

He went on to reveal that his father did and said nothing even though he witnessed the incident.

See tweet and video below;